The majority of homeowners who decide to sell their homes are hoping for a quick and effortless sale. While there are many factors beyond your control – such as market conditions, the amount of competing inventory in your area, and elements of the community in which you live – there is one step that you can take that will increase the appeal of your home, and therefore the likelihood of a rapid and successful sale: staging your home to sell.

Here are a few tips that will help you have your home ready to show when prospective home buyers come knocking:

De-clutter. I can’t emphasize this enough. Homes that are crammed full of stuff simply don’t show well. Let’s face it – most of us don’t like being inundated by our own clutter, let alone someone else’s knickknacks that may or may not be to our taste. Go through your home room by room and closet by closet and remove anything you don’t absolutely need to make a room complete. And don’t forget the garage, basement, and attic. Separate your belongings into categories: toss, donate, store, or keep. If necessary, rent a storage unit for items you plan to move to your new home but aren’t essential to your everyday life while your house is on the market. Remove anything personal, such as collections of items, trophies, and photographs.

Repair. Tackle any small fixes you can handle yourself. If there are any small home projects that have been on your list for a while, now is the time to accomplish them. If repairs are beyond your reach, hire a professional handyman or contractor to take them on. Touch up paint or re-paint; use neutral colors whenever possible so that you are presenting a clean canvas to potential buyers who want to be able to imagine their own belongings and furnishings in your home. Replace any light bulbs that have burned out, tighten loose cabinet and drawer pulls, and oil squeaky hinges. Swap out any broken fixtures. And check to ensure that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide monitors are functional.

Clean. Now is the time you might wish to consider hiring a professional cleaning service even if you haven’t used one in the past. You’ll want everything to sparkle. Wash windows, steam clean carpets, buff hardwoods, and wipe down all surfaces. Buyers love bathrooms and kitchens, so make sure all of your fixtures and appliances are gleaming. On a daily basis, empty trash and recycling receptacles and sweep floors. Make sure beds are made, fresh towels are hanging in the bathrooms, and tables and countertops are free of clutter. You never know when a potential buyer might schedule a showing, so leave home in the morning with the house all set to show well for anyone who stops by.

The Extras. You don’t want to go overboard or get gimmicky, but nice scents and pretty flowers can help sell a home. Mildly scented candles or subtle air fresheners can boost a home’s charm, and never underestimate the appeal of fresh air. Throw open the windows and air out your home on a regular basis. Pretty guest soaps and elegant hand towels can make a bathroom welcoming, while a simple bowl of fresh fruit on the kitchen counter can make a house seem like a home.

If you invest the time upfront when you decide to sell your home, you can have your home looking like the pages of a real estate catalog by applying a bit of good judgment and elbow grease. Good luck in making that swift sale!

(Source: Realty Times)

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