Now that you’ve earned that highly sought-after promotion at work, you finally have enough money to bid your cramped apartment farewell. This place was fine when it was just you and your wife, but with two children and a third on the way, it’s time to start rethinking your living arrangements. In addition to finding a home that features sufficient space for your entire family, it’s important that your new house be located in a safe neighborhood. Even if a certain house has everything you’re looking for, you should think twice if it’s smack-dab in the middle of a rundown, crime-laden part of the city. Unfortunately, the warning signs of a bad neighborhood aren’t always obvious. In some cases, seemingly picturesque communities aren’t nearly as wholesome as they appear. When looking for the right neighborhood for your family, the following signs can help you distinguish a safe community from an undesirable one.

Bustling Businesses

The presence of successful businesses is one of the most important signs of a safe community. Whereas neighborhoods with high levels of crime are rife with failing stores, shady eateries and abandoned storefronts, safe communities are characterized by thriving businesses. If local entrepreneurs recognize this area as a profitable place to do business, you can rest assured that you’re in the right neighborhood. Upscale grocery stores, restaurants, gas stations and mini marts can often be found in neighborhoods with little to no crime. So when touring prospective communities, remember to keep an eye out for successful businesses.


Good Schools

The quality of nearby schools should play a key role in determining your new neighborhood. Since your children will be spending most of their days at these facilities, you don’t want them to be exposed to lackluster educators, outdated course material or gang violence. Before packing up the moving van, arrange guided tours of the schools your children will be attending. While there, pay special attention to the class sizes, teaching methods and learning materials. As an added precaution, peruse local message boards and see what other parents have to say about this neighborhood’s schools. You can never be too vigilant when it comes to your children’s education, so make sure to thoroughly vet any school they may be attending.


Amenities for Children

Since your kids are your primary reason for relocating, look for a neighborhood that features a wide range of child-friendly amenities. These include well-maintained parks, playgrounds and community swimming pools. The presence of these amenities generally signifies an affluent, well-to-do neighborhood. To ensure that your little ones are safe from shady characters, pay a visit to the Megan’s Law website to find out if the neighborhood is home to any sexual predators. Nothing is more important than your children’s safety, and choosing the right neighborhood can play a vital role in keeping them out of harm’s way.

Choosing a new community for your family can be equal parts exciting and difficult. Fortunately, by familiarizing yourself with the signs of a safe neighborhood, you’ll be able to make an informed decision regarding the location of your family’s new home.


(Source: Realty Times)

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