Closing costs are an important factor to remember when buying a home.

Homebuyers must take into account a myriad of fees beyond the down payment: brokers’ fees, processing fees, title fees, appraisal fee, credit reports and flood certification, just to name a few. All of these closing costs add up.

The average closing cost in Chicago is $2,080 on a $200,000 home mortgage, according to a new report from

Chicago lenders charge origination fees of $1,080 on average, according to Fees from third parties, like an attorney, average $1,000, according to the online mortgage marketplace.

Honolulu had the highest average closing cost of $2,655. Philadelphia had the lowest average closing cost of $1,837.

Here’s how Chicago stacks up to other major metros:

  1. New York City: $2,560 average closing cost on a $200,000 mortgage
  2. Los Angeles: $2,257
  3. Houston: $2,175
  4. Chicago: $2,080
  5. Philadelphia: $1,837