It takes a smaller annual income to afford a home in Cook County than in any other of the nation’s 15 biggest urban counties, according to a new study.

A Cook County resident can afford a home at the local median price on an annual income of about $59,900, according to a nationwide study released this morning by Attom, a real estate information company based in Irvine, Calif. That’s less than the other 14 most populous U.S. counties, which include the primary counties in the metro areas of Los Angeles, Houston, New York and several others.

Chicagoans’ lower salary need is a function of its lower home prices, which in turn are a function of its slow-rising real estate market. The median price of a home in Cook County in the first months of 2019 was $200,000, Attom reports, compared to $585,000 in Los Angeles County and $210,000 in Harris County in the Houston metro area.

In Los Angeles County, a buyer needs an annual income of more than $155,000 to buy at the median price, and in Harris County, $66,500.

The data were broken out by county, not by city or metropolitan area. The study did not factor in property taxes.

Nationwide, a buyer needs to have a household income of a little more than $66,000 to buy a home at the national median, $237,500.