After 2013’s big gains, home prices are expected to moderate this year. CoreLogic Case-Shiller expects prices to increase by the mid-single digit percentages for the 12 months through September. See how your market is expected to fare.

Chicago-Joliet-Naperville, IL Metropolitan Division
Forecast change: third quarter, 2013 – third quarter, 2014
Forecast change: third quarter, 2014 – third quarter, 2015
Market fundamentals
Median Family Income
(Second quarter 2013)
Median Home Price
(Third quarter 2013)
Change in Home Prices
(From Third quarter 2012 through Third quarter 2013)
Worst 1-Year Home Price Change
(2009:Q1 )

(Source: Forecast as of January, 2014, courtesy of CoreLogic)

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