Being an Illinois resident has its perks, and in the month of February that means free admission to the Field Museum. The Chicago cultural institution is once again celebrating “Free February,” a monthlong event that will give anyone who can show proof of Illinois residency basic admission to the museum, free of charge. Don’t have an Illinois driver’s license? An Illinois lease, Illinois library card, Illinois student ID, Illinois utility bill, Illinois check stub, or a passport with Illinois address will also do the trick.

While your free admission won’t include access to popular exhibits such as “The Greeks: From Agamemnon to Alexander the Great” and the Cyrus Tang Hall of China (you can upgrade to a Discovery pass for $13, $11 for seniors and students, or $9 for kids 3–11), you will be able to check out artifacts from ancient Egypt, tour the Hall of Gems and go on a journey through the ancient Americas. There’s even a brand-new diorama (the museum’s first in several decades) in the Hall of Asian Mammals, displaying four striped hyenas.

So, mark your calendar and get ready to take advantage of these free museum days. Remember, it’s a leap year, so your usual “there aren’t enough days in the month” excuse won’t hold any water. Plus, you should take advantage of a less-crowded Field Museum while you can—once the Terra-cotta Warriors arrive, the place is gonna be packed for months.