While many tend to focus on “trendy” neighborhoods like Wicker Park and Lakeview, Chicago has many other neighborhoods that are just as noteworthy. Thrillist recently ranked eight “underrated” Chicago neighborhoods based upon their lesser-known, underappreciated qualities. Based upon Thrillist’s list, here are five of the most underrated Chicago neighborhoods:

1. Bronzeville – The center of the Great Migration in the early 20th century, Bronzeville is home to a host of cultural institutions, as well as entertainment venues such as Gallery Guichard, which features a wide array of African art.  A diverse collection of comfort food and Italian restaurants such as Pearl’s Place and Truth Italian can be found in Bronzeville, too.

2. Rogers Park – While Rogers Park is known as one of Chicago’s more up-and-coming neighborhoods, many venues still have an underground appeal. Rogers Park has a host of theater and music venues, including the BoHo and Lifeline Theaters, and Red Line Tap, which was listed as one of Thrillist’s top music venues. As for restaurants, Kizin Creole is the place to go for jerk chicken and traditional Haitian fare.

3. Ukrainian Village – Aside from being ranked as the nation’s hottest neighborhood by Redfin, Ukrainian Village has a lot to offer in terms of food and culture, such as Roots Pizza, Black Dog Gelato and the Ukrainian National Museum. The historic architecture of the Ukrainian Village Chicago Landmark District is a must-see, as well.

4. Edgewater – With its affordable rents and ideal location right along the lake, Edgewater is definitely one of Chicago’s most underrated neighborhoods. Edgewater is known for its numerous Ethiopian restaurants, including Ras Dashen on Broadway. Also located in Edgewater is Lickety Split, a traditional-style ice cream parlor where everything is made from scratch.

5. Little Village – While Little Village may not be as “trendy” as Pilsen, it still offers a genuine Mexican experience. One of Little Village’s top Mexican restaurants is El Milagro Tortilleria, which is right in the heart of the neighborhood. Little Village is also famous for its murals and charming storefronts.