There are things owners can do to avoid having their home appraised at a lower value than the selling price.  Owners should take the time to understand the things they can do to influence the appraisal and decrease the odds of a lower appraisal than selling price. Here are a few ways that home owners can help their appraisal instead of hurting it.

• Leave the home tidy. Having an unkept exterior or interior can cause an appraiser to decrease the value on the appraisal. Sellers should remember that  curb appeal is also important for an appraisal ( not just for the buyers).

• Complete all remodeling projects.  If there are any projects started, they must get done before the appraisal. If there is no way for that to happen, make sure to let the appraiser know what is being done and when it will be completed. Otherwise, the project will hurt the appraisal instead of helping it.

• List improvements or upgrades made to the home. Make a list of all upgrades and home improvements made to the home and make sure the appraiser has a copy of it. Some items, like a new roof, may not necessarily help raise the appraised value, it does help the appraiser to know how new an item is… also, other items might actually increase the value so it never hurts to include them.

(Source: Realty Times)


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