Avalon Park

Located 13 Miles Southwest of The Loop.

Neighborhoods include
: Grand Crossing, South Chicago, Stony Island Park, Marynook
Zip Codes Include: 60619, 60617

Avalon Park experienced a major demographic change in the 1960s. In the 1960 census, Avalon Park was 0% African American (only six of 12,710 residents). A decade later, Avalon Park was 83% African American, according to the 1970 census. The African American population continued to increase, making up 98% of the residents by 1990. The change in the neighborhood was different from the “white flight” that many other Chicago neighborhoods experienced: the average educational level increased, while the poverty rate decreased from 6.1% to 5.1% between 1960 and 1970. Unlike in some other rapidly changing neighborhoods, the homeownership rate remained high – still above 70%, as it has been since 1950. In the 1980 census, 59% of the population were employed in white-collar occupations; this rose to 65% in the 2000 census


Many bus line service the area and provide connection to the Red Line.


Population (2010)

• Total 98,514
• Density 14,000/sq mi (5,300/km2)

Demographics (2010)

• White 0.8%
• Black 95.74%
• Hispanic 1.5%
• Asian 0.19%
• Other 1.78%.

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